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For centuries, the crane has stood as a symbol of a lifelong relationship; of fidelity and prosperity.

Crane Asset Management, LLC is a full-service investment counseling firm providing investment management services to private individuals, retirement plans, endowments, and charitable foundations. All accounts are managed on a discretionary basis.

We've learned through the years that slow and steady usually wins the race – that our focus on a long term investment strategy is the key to our clients' success. Our central mission is to grow and protect the capital of clients who are seeking superior long-term returns, rather than focusing on short-term relative performance. We stress the value of our business-like "bottom-up" approach to the assessment of individual companies and the continual research process we use to stay on top of developments at the companies we hold as investments in client portfolios.

Our firm is fully independent, unaffiliated, and wholly owned by our founding principals.

In the videos below, our Chief Investment Officer John Frye discusses Crane and its approach to investing:

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Introduction and Overview

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Investment Approach and Philosophy

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Understanding Risk


John Frye is a member of the GuideVine Founder's Club